4 Tips for Successful Event Management

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As a professional event planner and agency, planning an event can be a stressful process. It can leave the event planning agency to be feeling overwhelmed.

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There are never enough hours in the day, and something always goes wrong.

Memorable events don’t just happen.

Just ask any event agency in Malaysia, planning and organising an event require times and some could take up to even 1 year time to successfully plan.

From time management to technology, here are the 5 event planning tips from the experts to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

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1. Organize your time

Indeed, creating efficient work habits sets the foundation for the productive event organizer.

You got to re-structure your days, declutter your desk – and make time for breaks.

Even a 15-second break from your computer screen could cut fatigue in half!

Therefore, you could begin planning as soon as possibly can.

If you are planning to hold a large-scale event, you should really begin planning it four to six month in advance.

For smaller scale event, you start it at least one month to plan the event.

To keep the final run-up to the event flowing smoothly, try to ensure that all vendor contracts are completed a few weeks before the event.

2. Know your budget

For every event management company in Malaysia, you need to define the amount of money you are going to spend on an event.

Limited budget always becomes a big hurdle for event company as they need to get the most of the buck.

Start by using a spreadsheet, or simply a piece of paper, and add line items for every single detail that is going to cost money.

Still, creating a budget and sticking to it – is crucial to avoid slipping into the red.

In addition, be sure to break down your costs as finely as possible, and then describe them.

Note the amount you plan to spend and leave a column for the amount you will actually spend.

This could stop your budget from spiralling out of the control before it is too late.

3. Choose a reliable venue

The location of your event can make or break your stress level.

If you are corporate event organizer, you could look for any hotel that offers a venue for a large scale event.

Venues that provide things like catering, seating and lighting could help you to take the burden off your own to-do list.

How about Wi-Fi?  Any other technology perks a prospective venue provides will only simplify your planning.

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4. Know when to hire an event planner

Do you need some professional annual dinner organizer to organize the event for you?

This could be one of the easiest ways to have a successful event.

There are certainly are reasons to hire a professional event company or event planner.

For starters, an event planner can save time. This could leave time for you to focus on essentials, while they deal with the logistics.

For any event manager or event management company will experience in negotiating.

Those skills will help you to spend the least and get the most.

Every event management companies do this for a living, so not only they have the negotiation skills, but they approach events with a creative mind that allows for unique solution and event to resonate.

The Actual significance Benefits of Renting a Car Rental Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur car rental near KLIA airport is an option used by travellers or tourist that has bundled with low-cost airlines for them to travel to any city of the word at a low cost or considered reasonable.

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Besides that, tourist and travellers now can freely depart from one location to another location; thus their arrival would bring them to expose and discover a variety of exciting places and cultures at a reasonable price.

On top of that, if an individual is travelling or going for a holiday break have not rented a car yet, here is the actual significance benefits of renting a car at KLIA car rental kiosk will bring good exposures.

Car Rental KLIA 2 Advantages

While enjoying a holiday vacation, travellers and tourist usually does not want to involve themselves with the hassle to worry about taxi prices, public transportation schedule or bus stops. It will be an irritation for them as also it diminishes the mood of their vacations. In fact, vacation is all about exploring and improvises various obstacles and enjoys the time in a country, except public transportations that get on every individual nerve.

Besides that, travellers and tourist can save up unnecessary expenses by making a reservation on a hotel located a little bit further from the city centre and access to KLIA car rental agencies. The money that a tourist saved would help in compensating the car rental price in fact; they could enjoy the freedom of movement around the city with no tie-ins.

In addition, renting a car will help to boost travellers and tourist quality of life and comfort; as they can remotely move around to places for hidden trails or restaurant with great sceneries. Despite that, these special places usually inaccessible by public transportation thus, renting a car can be easily located during arrival at the airports with several low-cost agencies located outside the airport that offers a free shuttle to connect with their offices.

Affordability is one of the advantage chauffeur services Kuala Lumpur when a tourist is living in a big city and they do not need a car every day. Therefore, it will not be worthy for travellers to pay for insurances, parking, maintenances and petrol in fact, they could use rental cars to the shopping mall a few miles away from the city or a romantic trip at an outskirt district.

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In contrary, it is worth renting a car at car rental KLIA if a tourists plan to drive for more than four hours to get to a destination. In fact, if travellers are travelling with children; it will be more convenient to combine low-cost flights and to rent a car at the airport. Besides that, long distance travelling will increase the risk of accidents and be reaching there will dissolve an individual excitement while feeling tired and hungry.

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On top of that, the other aspect in renting the car will not make a tourist look like one instead of, it would be safer for tourist to not have a foreign number plate as it might increase the risk of theft. However, car renting also have the capability of exploring from one city to another with the uses of navigations that have all updated maps.

Save Money on Happy Hour Promotion and Food and Drink Specials

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At times when everybody lives on a tighter budget looking for money saving opportunities is a high priority. People still love to go out, meet friends after work, enjoy a good dinner but it can get expensive to do that. Happy hour promotion and discounted food specials are really popular among people every age group.

Restaurants are trying to fulfil that need with discounted menus and happy hour KL. But discovering these deals is not that easy. Happy hour promotion is not really advertised that much and finding out who has specials and when is almost impossible. Even online you have to dig deep.

italian restaurant kuala lumpur

Restaurants and bars have always been looking for a way to advertise their best happy hour Kuala Lumpur to attract new guests. By offering the cheapest beer among the competitors in order to attract the customer to stay loyal and visit often.

Customer satisfaction and appreciation is their top priority but it can be expensive to reach those goals. Restaurants have to look for a new way of advertising to reach out to new customers. One of the best and cost-effective ways is being spoken about and recommended in blogs and other social media outlets.

It is very popular to share experiences on social media sites and people rely more and more on reviews and tips coming from sites like Yelp and Facebook. You know of a good restaurant that has good food with best happy hour offers Kuala Lumpur, you pass it on. Restaurants and bars can be certain that people will recommend the places where they get their specials and extended happy hour KL because all of us just love bargains and if you can enjoy more for less cash, that is called a real deal.

italian restaurant in kl

How To Find The Best Italian Restaurants

Unlike in decades gone by, foreign food is very popular with our culture. We like to be diverse and to try dishes from all over the world. Best Italian restaurants in KL do not just serve good priced pizzas and pasta dishes; these days you can expect a full Mediterranean menu of dishes to delight even the most awkward of the customer. If you live in any more than a small sized town then you will almost certainly find that there is at least one Best Italian restaurant near KLCC waiting to offer you a sample of their rich cuisines.

 the best italian restaurant in kl

So, when you have decided that you would like to try some really authentic Italian food then you will naturally want to know what is the Italian restaurant in KL is the best and also which to avoid. The first way of finding the best Italian restaurants in KL is by asking around in your locality. If a new restaurant has opened up in your town then the opinion of the locals is the best way to find out whether it is worth visiting or not.

If you really want to find the unbiased opinions of others, however, the best way of finding out just which Italian eateries are the best, then online comparison tools are a great way. If the restaurant you are interested in is part of a chain of eateries then you will often find opinions on the chain as a whole as well as online discount coupons. Online comparison tools are indeed a great way to find totally honest views from customers and will help you in your search for the best place to eat.

All these are a great way of finding the best Italian restaurants near KLCC and for sure you will be able to locate one that you are really satisfied with in this way.

Want to Buy Curtains Malaysia Like A Pro?

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Many interior designers will tell you, curtains will either make or break a room. When it comes to window treatments, it all comes down to colour, fabric, length and design. Sounds simple, but not quite. With all the overwhelming options and with so many decisions to make, a new homeowner with no background on design can easily get confused.

To make your shopping a bit easier, here are some expert advice for buying curtains in Malaysia. Click here to find out more of the expert advice.

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When choosing a curtain online, finding the perfect colour can be a bit of a challenge. Since the screen resolutions vary, the “what you see is what you get” phrase may not actually apply. If you are going to buy online, look for an online curtain shop that provides lots of images such as MK curtain.

The MK curtain shop has images that show exactly what the curtain looks like on different lighting and has a colour palette to go with each product, allowing you to find the perfect curtain for your home. MK also offers attractive wallpaper design and bed sheet online, that goes well with their curtain designs. It’s a great place to shop for window treatments and other home articles.

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For rooms that get a lot of sunlight, try to avoid bright colours, since these colours tend to fade easily. You can go with neutral colours since it is easier to blend and does not fade easily. If you want your langsir in Malaysia to blend in with your design, find a curtain that is two tones darker than your wall.


To buy curtain online, homeowners need to be very particular with the fabric. There are a lot of ready made curtain options to choose from. To narrow down your options, you need to decide what type of fabric you want for your room.

For formal rooms, try to look for velvets and silks or you can look for washable options such as sateen or rayon blends. For a more relaxed room, wool, cotton and cotton blends work well.

Again, the colour tones here plays an important role, especially for bedroom where the room is narrow, having a matching colour with bed sheet can make the room looks much spacious.


Unless there’s a deep sill, having a floor-length curtain is a great way to make the room taller. There are two ways on how to do it. First, you can have the curtain length in a way where is just hitting the floor or have the length of the curtain so that it is breaking slightly at the floor. This means you can either have a full-length curtain that hits the floor, or you can have a curtain extend around 1 to 3 inches on the floor.


You can either have an online consultation or an in-house consultation to know what curtain design will work well for your room. You can also experiment which designs will best work for you. Either way, a certain supplier in Malaysia should be able to offer you a lot of design options. Try to decide whether you would like a blackout curtain, zebra blinds, or roller blinds. There are tons of options to choose from.

blinds malaysia


In whatever you do, always know and compare prices. There are a lot of curtain suppliers in Malaysia so whether you are looking for a blackout curtain or roller blinds, always compare prices, especially if you are buying in bulk. The roller blinds price is very competitive, and you can get good discounts if you know how to look for it.

The Reason Why Your Office Need a Malaysia Interior Designer

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Do you know that your surrounding physical environment is actually influencing your daily lives? Especially in your office, where you spend most of your time that is equivalent to the time you spend in your room. The physical environment will definitely affect your work performance.

Bear in mind that the how is the office being designed will influence the emotion of the employee that leads to affecting their productivity and creativity. For example of cubicles-filled office, where the employee is working in an environment where they are being isolated, causing them to have a lack of communication and creativity.

Therefore, proper interior design for your office in Malaysia is relatively important but people tend to overlook the importance of it.  Not to mention some of the managers will understand the importance of the interior design in their office where some may just ignore it.

There are many famous interior designers in Kuala Lumpur that can turn your office into an aspiring and attractive working space which is benefiting your company in the future. Before that, here are some of the reason why you should get an interior designer to design your office layout.

It boosts employees’ productivity and morale

Having an aspiring office design such as an open-office layout allows that all the employee in the office communicates more effectively with one another. The brainstorming process can be more effective as well where the idea can become out much easier instead of staying in a cubicle place that hinders their creativity.

Besides, all the manager would want their employees to feel excited to come to work and stay for a longer period. Here, an attractive layout will help to boost the employees’ morale by having them to stay a longer period in the office more willingly.

interior design in malaysia

Outsource to the interior design Malaysia is the best solution for your office interior design as they are the interior design specialist that can give you the best advice and layout for your office on boosting the employees’ productivity and morale.

It helps in attracting the talents

Your office design can be one of the things to be proud of. Each of the office design will have their own unique layout that is inimitable by the other company. Where this can be the key to attracting the potential talents to work with you as well.

Nowadays, the working environment is relatively important for the employee to consider working for your company. Therefore, you can post the picture of your good working office environment designed by the reliable interior design agency to stand out in a competitive environment.

It creates a good impression for the clients

A company may have a well-established reputation for providing high-quality services or product for their clients, however, their office interior design is not that appealing. This may influence the impression of their client especially when they are visiting their office for a meeting or discussion.

Therefore, if you are operating a company in Kuala Lumpur or other places. It is important to identify and outsource to office interior design Malaysia for your office design task to them to provide you with an attractive office design that can create a positive impression to your client to increase the probability in close the deals.

What is SEM and SEO

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What is search marketing? Search marketing aka search engine marketing which is the practice of gaining the traffics and clicks from search engines through paid and unpaid methods. People tend to get confused between SEM and SEO, both may look similar, but they are the difference between these two terms.

seo services

Search Engine Marketing aka SEM which actually comprises of SEO and SEM. But nowadays SEM is used to describe the paid search activities where involve buying the traffics through the paid search listing in the search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO which is the subset of SEM. SEO is used to increase your search engine ranking through an organic way. You don’t pay the search engine for traffics and clicks, instead, you rely on keyword placings, link building and metadata in the search engine.

However, it is often fine if you have no knowledge on doing SEO for your website, as nowadays there are many top SEO Malaysia’s companies that able to advise you and work out your SEO task professionally.

Besides, if you are outsourcing your web design service task to those web design developer agency, make sure you have them to design your website to be SEM and SEO friendly rather than just being fancy and nice looking.

Don’t worry and nervous when you see all your competitors are doing well in term of the digital marketing, there is much professional digital marketing agency in Malaysia that can give you some advice on how you can compete among with your competitors evenly, just don’t hesitate to reach them out.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

The SEM here focuses on paid activities. The major paid activities include pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-click (CPC). One of the importance of using the PPC and CPC is cost-effective. Whereby you are only required to pay for the cost when the Internet users convert to your website through the click in the search engine instead of paying for one lump sum of the budget.

Besides, PPC allows you to effectively reach your target users. With the specific keywords inserted, the PPC ads will appear at the top of the search engine together with the natural search listing. With the relevant keywords searched, your target users will get the first exposure to the PPC ads first before they get exposed to the natural search listing.

digital marketing in malaysia

Furthermore, it is suitable for new established online business or website. This is because, for the new startup website, there is still not a very well online presence on the Internet, therefore instead of using SEO, it is much better to use SEM which it doesn’t rely much on the link buildings, blog post, and other ways.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

One of the importance of using the SEO is that it builds trust and credibility. This is because SEO is all about natural listing where it highly relies on backlinks creation, blog posts and other natural and organic ways. One of the ways to achieve this is that there must be good online credibility and reputation. Hence, it takes time to achieve this, however, the result is valuable.

SEO is about long-term investment. Although SEM is effective in driving web traffic, it is often expensive as compare to SEO in long term. SEM is the short term where SEO is a long-term basis if it is done correctly. It will generate high ROI in the like the effect generated by SEO is long term is not like it will stop by the time you stop working with it.

Keep in mind that your competitors are practicing SEO as well. Every day your competitors keep improving their ranking in the search engine. Your result will be affected if you don’t utilize on SEO where your competitors will take over your place and converted your customer to their customers.

Although SEO involves far more complicated than the SEM, however, as long as the basic setting and foundation of your website are being built properly, normally, the chance for you to compete with your competitors is even better. Don’t worry, your website design company will sure understand what is the required foundation for better SEO performance.

Although SEM is effective in driving the web traffic, however, consumer tend to believe that SEO result is much reliable as compared to PPC as it occurs in an organic way without paying the search engine for ranking. Seek out the SEO specialist in Singapore, and have them advise you further on your SEO.

As mentioned above, SEO and SEM are mean to build search engine presence but there both are different where one is organic way another is a paid method. Both are significant to build the online presence. Utilizing SEO and SEM can help to achieve the best result.

Reasons Why Security System Important For Your Business

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That goes without saying that security is fundamentally important across all walks of like in ensuring the overall safety and possessions of all individuals are comprehensively protected.

Thus, many commercial and residential properties feel the needs of installing the security system such as key phone system and door access control system for adequate protection against adverse conditions.

best cctv brand in malaysia

There are also homeowners and companies installing the best CCTV camera in Malaysia from CCTV supplier along with the latest Panasonic Pabx system which is one of the best Pabx system suppliers in Malaysia.

This can be achieved via the integration of interior design features with the assistance from network cabling contractor to carry out the daily task with the portable appliances and machinery works.

There are many contractors out there that are able to provide you with network cabling services, make sure you found a professional one, otherwise you might risking your property to end up a mess.

Throughout commercial properties such as office building and retails outlets, all companies require careful consideration of integrated security solutions.

Although the security guards did provide an element of protection on the ground floor level, their eyes and ears are not as extensive enough to provide a well-covered supervision over the premises.

This is where the CCTV security system plays a crucial role where it can help to improve the security guard efficiency, just by watching it through the projector screen over the whole building. The projector price is affordable and you don’t have to worry about spending too much in the end.

projector screen malaysia

The presence of a security system like CCTV and IP phone as an integrated security solution can also be important for the work ethic and efficiency of the employee.

As the well-being and safety of the employees can be placed under threat by an individual who carries out violence or criminals act, it is vital to integrate more adequate protection.

In addition, it also plays a fundamental role in catching any perpetrators who steal or damage valuable products or machinery that could put the safety of employees at risk.

Undoubtedly, it is crucial to take the security seriously in this age, not just business and commercial properties, but also your homes as well.

With the spike of crime rate and burglaries that has become common, it is necessary to consider the available security option and choose the best fit for you.

Of course, one of the common and cost-effective ways of providing security in the home and place of work definitely is the installation of CCTV cameras and others equipment.

These days, the technologies are incredibly advanced that it even possible to hook the cameras up to an ordinary television or computer to watch the footage.

These are the some of the concerns for business and home and here are the reasons for installing the security system.

1. Prevent Crime

With the presence of a security system like CCTV even could make the would-be criminal to think twice about committing any wrongdoings.

It is not just a camera or a tool that used to watch any perpetrators or criminal in the act. As they said, “prevention is better than cure”.

Let’s think about it, if you planned dot rob or vandalize a store or office, would still dare to do it even if you knew you were under the supervision of CCTV?

2. Prevent Employee Theft

A camera could be helpful tools when you are suspecting any of your employees committing wrongdoing and you don’t know where to start.

This is especially true if you have owned an establishment where cash is exchanged. The camera could be installed near the cash register or other places that placed valuable items.

This indirectly may deter an employee from committing a crime if they know someone else watching their activities.

3. Protecting Your Staffs

It is a fact that with the installation of CCTV could protect your staff from any physically violent toward them.

In the meantime, this also could become a solid evidence to protect them against false accusations that perhaps coming from the colleagues or even from the client and customers.

Home Guide: Top Tips For installing Wood Flooring

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When you are thinking about having composite wood decking, you might have some hesitation in installing them on your floor. There are many expert flooring companies in Malaysia out there that can give you the best advice on what flooring should you get for your home.

 composite decking malaysia

However, it is recommended for you to ask for professional floor fitter for the job from any list of laminate flooring companies in Malaysia.

But, here are some few tips that you may find to be useful when planning for installing the wood floor at your house.

1. Choose wooden floor carefully

From waterproof laminate flooring to timber decking, there are many different types of hardwood flooring. So, you need to ensure to choose the correct one for you.

Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of different grain patterns, species of wood, plank sizes and surface finishes.

Besides, you could look for any vinyl flooring company that comes with a better and cheaper price for any timber flooring.

All of these are important aspects in ensuring that the floor will perfectly fit with space.

It is also important to consider whether you want solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. Depending on how you want to lay the floor may finalize the decision for you.

2. Acclimatise your wood floor

As soon as your hardwood flooring has been delivered to your property, let it acclimatise sufficiently.

Acclimatising is mean to allow the flooring to adapt to its new surroundings. The hardwood is natural made products and inevitably will expand and contract with the changes in heat and humidity.

Thus, by letting your hardwood flooring acclimatising to your home, you are able to reduce the risk of damage to the wood once it is installed.

laminate flooring malaysia

3. Prepare you subfloor ready for installation

Whether it is just a floor decking or wood decking, it is really important that you properly prepare your subfloor before installation. Especially for the wood decking, a subfloor able to increase the durability of wood decking in Malaysia.

If it has not done properly or correctly, it could cause the flooring to become damaged over time.

Do not forget to check whether your subfloor is flat, clean or dry. You could check by using the Moisture Content (MC) of your subfloor using a Moisture Meter. If your subfloor is not dry enough, allow it to have more time to dry out naturally.

4. Read the wood floor fitting instructions

You will get detailed instruction with your hardwood flooring. It is extremely important that you read and understand them.

The instructions cover everything you need to know form getting your room ready to actually fitting the floor.

5. Make sure you have the correct equipment

By having the right equipment is always advisable when starting to do any task. Have a think about what you want or your fitter may need to help you to install your hardwood floor.

If you are floating your floor, then you may need an underlay. If you have tongue and groove flooring then it is likely that you will need to glue for the joints.

6. Installing your wood floor at correct direction

The direction you choose to lay your wooden flooring is entirely up to you. It might be worth thinking about how to portray the room to look likes.

Most people will lay their floor lengthways according to the path of light coming from a window or door.

This helps to highlight the natural beauty of the flooring as the light shine over the grain pattern.

In addition, you might also want to consider the shape and size of the room. If you have a smaller space of the room, try to get some flooring from the solid wood supplier and place in on the floor to make the room look spacious and bigger.









Make your home attractive with designer furniture Malaysia

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Maybe the furniture Malaysia in is in a good repair condition but still leaves you with disappointment. Ask yourself if your indoor environment is exciting you. Do you need remodelling or is it lighting? Should do you buy a new sofa Malaysia or a leather sofa for your new home? Maybe you need a new fabric sofa Malaysia or different wall pictures.

furniture shop in johor bahru

The answers to these questions may be lying in purchasing designer furniture. It amazes how this furniture can transform the indoor environment for your home. It may take dull spaces and turn them to futuristic mind blowers. It may make the landscape of your house to be sleek and beautiful. It is good to search from the furniture shop for some good quality furniture so that you formulate a great effect.

The living room

The living room of the house is the most repeatedly frequented places, therefore, to turn the looks of the house; getting modern furniture from the furniture shop in Kuala Lumpur is a perfect starting point. You can start by purchasing a leather sofa. There are various options when it comes to fabric sofa of perfect designs to choose from. There are sofas that have bean bag styles, teardrop shapes and many other innovative designs. Try thinking in terms of items that will complement the home when it comes to form and colour. You may get the overall theme that has continuity in the whole house. The modest living room sofa set theme can serve as the focal point of your continued style in the home.

The bedroom

There are good bedroom designs for furniture in the market today. You may turn the bedroom from just a sleeping area into a visually stunning location for spending so much time in it. Allow your furniture imagination to be wild. There are polished and cool looking beds with beautiful headboards, beds which feature storage and shelving, or the one that comes in the untried shapes like more complicated curvilinear or circle forms.

They may have Murphy or innovative looking canopy beds with fold up options. The bedroom is quite private; therefore, it is a great place for being imaginative. Think of the form types that you desire seeing while spending intimate and private times and move forward from there. Also, try thinking of complimenting the interiors and then have a continuity sense with other modest furniture inside the house.

Don’t forget the importance of mattress as well! Without a good and comfortable mattress, for sure you won’t get a good sleep during the night. Hence, when you are allocating the budget for your furniture, don’t forget to assign some to your mattress.

designer furniture malaysia

The kitchen and the dining room

The dining room is also an area that requires designer furniture and is good for socializing. The up-to-date and intriguing furniture that you put in this room will make both guests and family feels like dinner is a special event. You may get to the furniture shop to purchase a leather sofa and dining tables with matching chairs, contemporary carpets, and marble tables with modernized themes inspired by African and Asian culture. You need to make sure that the tables are geometrically interesting and many other things. There are designs which are breathtaking and will delight you for every meal time and taste to give the family a crucial experience.

Even though they’re not so much when it comes to kitchen furniture, do not overlook designer furniture found in the kitchen like dining chairs and tables with modernized themes. Even in the kitchen, senses of intriguing and new furniture will inspire you to make casual eating and cooking an experience that is aesthetically intriguing. There are so many of these options in the market.