Everything about Loyalty Program in Malaysia & The Loyalty Card Function

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It is very common nowadays that peoples will sign up for a lot of loyalty program and get tons of the member card.

This is because peoples are looking for a discount. To Malaysian, the function of the loyalty program is only helping them to get a discount or collect points to get the free gift or rewards.

However, they do not know that the purpose and how does the loyalty program really work. Here are the articles that going to explain every detail about the loyalty program.

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How Does Loyalty Program Work?

Most of the company will search some top member id card supplier or member card printing to create and print their own member cards which allow them to conduct loyalty program.

A loyalty program is a database which can be shown all the details about the customer and their purchasing behaviour at the particular store. It is very simple to understand how it works.

After registration, the employee may request your basic details such as name and phone number then they will fill in your information in the system and generate a member card with your name and a card code which allow them to trace your member card.

Usually, they have their own id card printer supplier that will continuously supply them with the member card and providing support services on the printer to help them out when they have any issue while creating the member cards.

When you are purchasing any products at the store, you should show your member card to the cashier at the counter, they will slide your card at the machine and generates the points to your card based on the amount of your spending.

These points may allow you to exchange a gift. Of course, the higher the point you receive, the better the gift. Sometimes, they may provide you with some coupon as well.

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Purpose of the Loyalty Program

There are a lot of large companies now are promoting their loyalty program. For example, like AEON, Shell, Popular Bookstore and more.

There are a few reasons for them to conduct the loyalty program. Most of the companies were tried to increase their brand loyalty by increasing the numbers of the customer.

Besides that, it can also reduce the price sensitivity of the consumers because the companies will offer them the member points or coupon that make the customer feel worth to join so this program can attract a lot of customers so that their company can grow faster.

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Top Loyalty Card Malaysia

There are a few loyalty cards or gift card are very famous in these few years such as BCard, Popular Card, AEON member card, Petro Miles card and Watson VIP card. BCard was launched in the year of 2010 and it is the brand focused reward program. The customer just only needs to pay registration fees for one time then they can hold for lifetime and non-renewal fee is charged. A customer can earn every 1 BPoints by spending RM 1.

For Popular member card, the customer may need to pay for RM12 every year for the renewal fee while every member can get 10% discount for every purchase, but it is not applicable during the promotion period.

For AEON member card, it cost RM12 for every year and customer are able to receive 1 point for every spending of RM1. Besides that, there are few benefits for the members such as rebates up to 5% at any AEON general merchandise store, free parking for the first 2 hours, special discount for few selected goods, and receive an invitation to AEON Members Day and AEON Members Privilege Day.

For Petron Miles card, the membership fees will be free if the fuel purchase is made within 12 months. Member will receive every 1 point by spending RM 1.

For Watson VIP card, it cost RM18 and member can hold for the lifetime. Any normal member will receive 1 point for every spending of RM1 while VIP is able to receive every 5 points by spending RM1. Members can have discounts from 31 dining and lifestyle merchants by using this card.

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