Month: October 2019

The Life Without Life Insurance

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Commonly, people do not hold any life insurance in Malaysia. Although insurance takes place in people life, people nowadays are forced to squeeze the health insurance part out due to the heavy bills, mortgage liabilities and so on.

There are people scare about insurance matters and run away from insurance the whole life. There are issues happened too when some mispresented information from agents nowadays. People scare about insurance because the agents can manipulate the proper game.

1.      Medical Card Insurance is the Most Populous Plan

A medical card is very familiar in the market. Although there are many valuable plans available in the current market, medical card insurance remains the favourite plan among the ordinary man. But still, most of the Malaysian do not sign up for any insurance plan.

People pick medical cards insurance because people want to protect the unforeseen future. It is hard to predict the future, especially in health even though everything in the moment seems alright. People buy insurance purposely want to minimize the burden of unexpected incidents in life.

Besides, diseases are one of the unexpected incidents in life. The most common diseases that severely affecting people’s daily activities in life are covered in the insurance. You can buy the insurance which includes the 36 critical illness.

This disease insurance is more expensive than normal travel medical insurance in Malaysia. But getting this kind of insurance can buy you a peaceful heart in future.

medical card insurance malaysia

2.      Even Home Sweet Home Need Home Insurance

Home suppose is the safest place on earth. However, a home may not guarantee you the safest lives when the safest place is at risks. Home insurance is here to minimize the burden for those risks. There are many fire cases, natural disasters nowadays that caused immediate destruction to the house.

Some of you might think is there necessary to get your house insured? Although getting your house insured is not as vital as your health, but you may want to play safe for your future. Protect your shelter before your shelter can’t protect you. Check out Allianz Malaysia to find out more.

Even people will consider travel insurance coverage either for personal, family, overseas or domestic when travelling. Mobility has greater risks than the static situation thus, most of the airline, travel agencies and so on may encourage you to sign up for travel insurance along with any travel packages.

house insurance

3.      Motor Insurance is a Rising Need

Do you believe that the accident statistic occurs more on-road than on the air? There are Chinese quoting that the road is as dangerous as a tiger. Even though the car has strong external surfaces that protect people inside the car, but the rate of a deadly accident on road is still terrifying.

Here comes one of the most essential needs of motor car insurance in Malaysia. This insurance covers both people and vehicles. The coverage also depends on the plans you paid for. There is insurance coverage for a new car to be stolen and get stuck in the middle of the road.

motorcycle insurance

4.    Attractive Investment Insurance Plan

People who are having a stable salary will prefer investment link insurance plan. This is because investment plan offers by any insurance agency will have high return interest rates. Most of the investment-linked insurance plan covers medical benefits and also a various level of risk investment.

These plans require long term commitment. There are multi-level of alternatives to adjust the amount to pay per month according to capabilities.


Lastly but not least, do you know that company majorly are covered by indemnity insurance? Insurance plans change according to people lifestyles evolution even company. Learning about insurance is certainly a process of billion lives.