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Tips to Book The Best Hotel for You in Kuala Lumpur

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You can’t be denied that many travellers today are being spoiled for choice when it comes to select the best 5 Star hotel in Malaysia.

That goes without saying that the hotels in Kuala Lumpur are increasingly opening all over Malaysia at such a fast clip.

 5 star hotels in kuala lumpur

This factor has often made the choices to be quite overwhelming.

However, how do you wade through the option and select the best one for you?

Define the Main purpose of Your Trip

Next, travellers who often looking for a relaxing vacation where they may not want to leave the hotel frequently should consider a resort-style property.

This is because such hotel provides the best amenities namely spa, jacuzzi and pool.

In other words, it offers more customer-experience by emphasising the place in the hotel that would make you enjoy and happy to spend your time.

Conversely, for a sightseeing focused trip, you are more likely to spend little time at your hotel.

 best hotel in malaysia

In a simple term, the hotel should be just a place of accommodation for you to sleep and recharge in the evening.

Thus, you ought to find a centrally located property near those major attractions.

In this case, you won’t need to spend extra for supreme luxury or on-site amenities.

Consider Your Location of Vacation

Ask yourself, do you want to stay in a well-established and touristy area?

Or do you more prefer an up-and-coming or residential neighbourhood with a local flavour?

Let’s take Kuala Lumpur as an example.

The KLCC is an old-school standout location for visitors eager to go shopping spree and having some great time at luxury Japanese fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

Whereas, the areas like Chinatown attract fewer tourists but are vibrant with the numerous rows of best Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

If you have been to a destination before, it is always worthwhile to pick a buffet hotel in Kuala Lumpur that could help you to get a new perspective and experience.

Consider the Hotel That Matches Your Priority

Obviously, you need to consider what your budget is and what you want out of it,

If $400 per night, you could even get a small room at a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

 best hotels in kuala lumpur

But for a four-star hotel, you may be able to snag a junior suite for that price, with breakfast hotel buffet included.

However, the hotel may not have five-star amenities, such as an upscale restaurant or wedding hotel packages.

Thus, you need to define your properties and choose the hotel accordingly.

Also, the hotel size too should be in your top consideration.

A stay at a small hotel like a boutique hotel with cheap hotel wedding packages prices is drastically different than a stay at one hundred rooms.

The latter will likely to have more options available for entertainment, dining and other amenities.

Ask Yourself Again: What’s Your Style?

In fact, many of the travellers don’t immediately think about it.

But, your style should be the factor that defines the purpose of your choosing where to stay.

Some of the travellers are fancy with a hotel that has a hip scene and modern room décor.

While some prefer traditional hotels with white glove service.

In addition, some want accommodations with a local vibe that encourages them to get out and explore the city.

Holiday Vacation: What You Can Do At Batu Ferringhi Penang

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Malaysia is known for its warm tropical weather with its rich culture and tasty foods. It is one of the top choices for travel among locals and foreigners. Locals often go for road trips around Malaysia as it is a cheap option and they get to experience different cultures in different places. The strategic location of Malaysia next to Thailand is also one of the main factors why it is a more preferred place.

 hotel in penang island malaysia

Travelling in Penang

One of the famous travel locations in Malaysia has got to be Penang Island. Despite it being an island, it has lots of attractions and good food that you cannot miss. In Penang, several foods like the char keuy tiao, Hokkien mee, asam laksa and cendol are the must tries. If you are planning to visit Penang someday, you can easily book a Batu Ferringhi Beach Hotel in Penang through websites like Agoda or Traveloka.

The Batu Ferringhi hotel booking in Penang through these websites is easy. At times, you can even find discounted prices for rooms that you cannot find elsewhere on this website.

When staying in Penang, know that there are a few main attraction locations that you can choose from. The 3 main locations are Penang Island, Butterworth which is a town located at the mainlands, and Batu Ferringhi which is a famous beach on Penang Island. Thus, depending on which area you would like to stay in, you can rent a hotel in Penang island Malaysia or a hotel di Batu Ferringhi beach.

 penang hotel

What to do in Batu Ferringhi

The Batu Ferringhi beach is one of the famous beaches in Malaysia, boasting its clear waters and sand. Similar to Langkawi, the beach is a long stretch along the sea which allows you to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Things that you could do are water sports such as banana boat, parasailing, jet ski, or even just swim in the shallow parts of the ocean. If you are not a fan of water, you can simply chill by the beach under the umbrella chairs prepared for you. This will be an experience like no other. Before that, you will need to find a hotel di Batu Feringgi Pulau Pinang to stay in.

Hotels in Batu Ferringhi

1. Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

This is a Penang resort hotel that boasts its special design with a natural surrounding environment around the hotel as there are many trees and flowers, just like a mini rainforest. The rooms typically have a balcony where you get to wake up to the scents of nature and start your morning fresh. It is undeniably one of the best hotel and resort in Penang that you can find.

In terms of architecture, it features a Minangkabau design that represents part of the Malaysian culture. Just like a museum, you will also see traditional jewellery, batik-prints and many more on display in the lobby.

The price of a Deluxe Double room with Sea View at the Garden Wing cost around RM640 per night with breakfast included. As mentioned, this room is special as it allows you to enjoy the view of the sea while also enjoying the greenery out your balcony. It sounds like a perfect room for nature lovers.

 best hotel in penang malaysia

2. PARKROYAL Penang Resort

Of course, you would expect some resort hotels with a stunning beach view. Well, PARKROYAL Penang Resort is the solution to that and is one of the best beach resorts in Penang. It is situated right on the beach that you could actually walk out to the beach from the lobby. With this, it can give you a feeling of a tropical paradise. This hotel can definitely allow you to enjoy one of the best sea views from your room balcony. It is undeniably one of the best Batu Ferringhi Seaview beach resort Penang.

The price for a Double Superior with Views room cost around RM458 per night. This is actually a good price to ask for a room by the beach.

3. Hard Rock Hotel Penang

The Hard Rock Hotel is famously known worldwide and in Malaysia, it is one of the Batu Ferringhi hotel. This is one of the 5-star resort Penang Malaysia where you can have a taste of international culture and musical spirit in this hotel. In contrast to the previous two hotels that provides more natural, this hotel feeds you with musical spirits and contemporary designs. A Seaview Deluxe room here would cost around RM549 per night.

Reasons Why Fiberglass Is Better than Other Materials

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Ever know the advantages of using fiberglass?

Fiberglass will never rust in which it is sealed and resistance towards the element. One of the conveniences is that it can be easily repaired in the field and uses graffiti to wipe it off the scars. In fact, many households and office furniture are made from fiberglass to extend the longevity of the product from deteriorating.

There are (5) five aspect of fiberglass benefits:

Longevity & Stronger

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is proven to be stronger than sheet metal from the comparison of pound for pound. FRP is greater in having high resistance towards corrosion as it will not rust.

This criterion is suitable to use near the ocean, with high salt content in the air. Besides, the fire-retardant resin can enhance FRP Tank Malaysia fire resistance when standing up against the fire as it will not burn up but only char. In addition, FRP also can be used around corrosive chemicals without losing its sustainability and capabilities.

frp malaysia

Freedom in Design

FRP provides the benefits to creative as there are few restrictions in moulding fiberglass, giving the opportunity for an unlimited possibility of designs and ideas. This enables engineers to think out of the box from old boxy looking products and creates a new design which is visually appealing toward the market.

Despite those various structures and design created, the fiberglass feature of strong and durable does not show its weakness. In addition, fiberglass can use many multi-piece parts to convert it in whole to convey the ability to attach and detach the structure.


Fiberglass reinforces plastic it’s an aesthetics quality with the potential with a wrap up and encloses design. These give an ability of FRP to achieve any look and appearances as a finish of fiberglass components with the drastically high-tech point of view.

fiberglass suppliers malaysia

Cost Effectiveness

In China, steel prices usually fluctuate dependent on the occasional graph to prices steel components, thus the dependence on this may affect the instability in costing for an organization to handle operations.

However, the prices of FRP will have continuous stability in terms of the market economy which brings competitiveness advantages. On top of that, this cost stability will help to lower the cost of maintenance and warranty workforce.

In additions, FRP is way lighter and stronger compared to other materials. In this case, the product results enable to avoid incremental fees in regards to overweight in delivering and shipping store.

Special Characteristics

FRP has two unique characteristics which are non-conductive and radio frequency transparent in the aspect of providing perfect housing electronics without fluctuating performances and protect employees from hazards.

However, fiberglass also absorbs sound waves rather than bouncing off sound waves which reflectively giving good acoustics and lowing machinery volumes. This enables to achieve in accepting the required sound levels unlike other components in such; metal, plastic, wood; fiberglass also consists of the least expansion rate and contraction rate with heat, cold and tensions.

An Effective Way to Fight Cyber Crime in Malaysia

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Though cybercrime cases in Malaysia are not always publicized, it does not mean that it is not happening. Millions of losses are recorded every year because of these.

As a matter of fact, because of the evolution of technology and the knowledge that comes with it, more people now know how to crack into digital systems. Cracking a simple password will only take a few seconds. But this article is not to scare you.

This article is about helping businesses and individuals to safely protect their digital assets and information through penetration testing. Click here to find out more.

malaysia internet security

What Does a Pentest Company in Malaysia Do?

A penetration testing company evaluates and analyzes your system for security flaws and weaknesses. They provide a recommendation to companies on how to improve their systems security posture assessment to prevent crackers from destroying valuable information or using that information for fraudulent acts.

In some cases, they also offer computer forensics Malaysia. This is true for top pen test companies. Since not a lot of businesses try to pen test their systems, it gets hacked and the most pen company in Malaysia goes in after the fact. They will diagnose, recreate and identify what was done to the system and prevent it from happening again.

How to find the Best Penetration Testing Service Providers

There are a lot of penetration testing service providers but not all of them are equal. Some specialize in forensic services Malaysia while others may just focus on penetration testing alone. The top pen test companies, however, do not only offer penetration testing but may also offer training for PCI DSS companies Malaysia, these are companies that deal with credit card payments online. They will also offer digital forensic Malaysia among others. They will have a wide range of services that will help prevent cybercrime cases in Malaysia.

it security malaysia

Getting Cyber Security Training Malaysia

Businesses that deal with sensitive information online, need to get training for IT security in Malaysia. This will help them get to know how to protect their clients’ information as well as sensitive company files from crackers. The IT department needs to consider getting a Cask training course Malaysia or a Cox certification training in Malaysia. These certifications are valuable for system analysts and IT heads. Cox certification training Malaysia and Cask training course Malaysia are often offered by a penetration testing company that is duly accredited and certified by the international IT community.

cyber crime in malaysia

What to Do When you Get Cracked

If you fail to do a pen test on your system and a cracker exploited your system security flaw, the first thing that you need to do is ask professional help from a computer forensics Malaysia. Individuals who specialize in digital forensic Malaysia may help you prevent further leakage of sensitive information and can help you restore back your system. Patches may be applied and new protocols may be added. Forensic services Malaysia may also help you identify the culprit by tracking their IP or by counter-attacking their attacks and sending them a virus to track their activities and location. Computer forensics Malaysia will basically help you figure out how to strengthen your system to prevent recurrence in the future.

Penetration testing is not only limited to PCI DSS companies Malaysia who deals with credit card payments online or bank institutions. Penetration testing can also help businesses in various industries as well as freelance web and app developers.

The Reasoning behind what is a Standardized ISO Tank

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Basically, a standardized ISO tank is commonly used to transport bulk liquids and other components of liquid in the market. In other words, vacuum tanker for sale is an ISO tank container that is built to the ISO standard referring to the International Organization for Standardization.

iso tank

It is because ISO tank manufacturer designed ISO tank to carry liquids in mass volume, both hazardous and non-hazardous. However, these tanks are made of stainless steel that is surrounded by different types of protective shell layers. These varieties of skins are used on ISO tanks dependent on the type of bulk cargo it carrying. Click here to find out more.

Despite that, there is a manhole on top of an ISO tank placed along with at least one valve and another valve on the bottom, as they shaped like a cylinder.  The ISO tank for storage is built to the ISO standard, which the frame of the tank sits in measure about 6 meters long, 2.4 meters wide and between 2.4 to 2.5 meters high.

A standardized ISO tank is a manufacturer in a variety of size and types to accommodate the types of liquid carry between 21,000 litres and 40,000 litres of liquid.

What Kinds of Bulk Liquids can be transported in an ISO Tanks?

Principally, this liquid waste tank can carry almost all types of liquid in such of all types of water, resins, oil, alcohol, mining chemicals, food products, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, hydrogen peroxide another liquid.

iso tank for storage

ISO tank can transport all liquids with safe and secure loading and discharge with approximately 1.5 hours in opposition to standard drum and flexitanks.

Insights on the Benefits of Using a Standardized ISO Tank

Vacuum pump package has a lot of advantages when using an ISO that. It is because there are highly reliable, cost-effective, versatility and it can be used over again.

build iso tank

In the present days, instead of using standard drums and flexitanks; logistic usually opt to buy ISO tanks for tank containers that have a pre-installed stream coil that allows efficient loading and discharge. These reflect on the efficiency in handling highly sensitive liquids.

On top of that, an ISO tank also has the capability of transporting these bulks liquids in intermodal freight transportation which consists of multiple modes of transportation such as a sea, rail and road.

However, a standardized ISO vacuum is a tank that is designed to meet specific criteria and caters to the substance they will be transported. It is because they are reliable and have the ability to withstand extreme pressure and external damages and would mostly have zero percentage of liquid to seep out of the container.

In addition, ISO tank also does not require additional packaging materials for the cargo and enable to withstand a specific temperature for a temperature sensitive cargo. ISO tanks are also built and designed according to the ISO standard, which all the valves must be inspected prior to loading and ensure that the tank has threes closures.

These closures are important as closures that have failed before a leak would be happened, thus making an ISO tanks a safer way of transporting in opposition to drums and flexitanks.

How the salted egg craze has transferred to pizza

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Food is something universal and can be enjoyed by everyone. For example, pizza originated from Italy because of their preference for doughy foods and their love for cheese. Pizza is one of the dishes that has gone international and is a favourite food worldwide. The recent trend in Malaysia is the Domino’s Salted Egg Pizza which is a new flavour introduced and becoming a new love of Malaysians.

Domino’s Salted Egg Pizza

The relationship between food and culture

In Asian culture, there are many types of different foods that people enjoy. It can be interesting to see how over the decade, people have innovated and even invented new types of food to be enjoyed by everyone. Food can always be a common topic to be discussed as it not only represents the ingredients in it but also the culture that brought about that type of food. Food types generally stay similar within a single region. This can be due to various factors like weather, food resources, religion and others. For example, Indian cuisines regardless or places are spicier and involved the use of more spices and herbs to enhance the taste of their dish. Chinese cuisines focus more on using good meat and seafood together with spices.

Salted Egg pizza

Origin of salted egg recipes

For the longest time, the salted egg has been a food that is familiar to the Chinese. Back in the days, the Chinese have preserved duck eggs in salted water, making it known as the salted egg. They would often have it with rice or congee. This was due to the poor economy in China back then. Today, they have found an innovative way to infuse salted eggs with other things that become our favourite food. If you are familiar with salted egg chicken wing or salted egg cheese stick, you are not alone.

Salted egg royale pizza

This all started back in 2014 in Hong Kong when Urban Bakery infused salted egg sauce into a French Pastry, resulting in Molten Egg Yolk croissants. It started off as an experiment and trial to the market, but people loved it instantly. It was a major hit, and many looked into the recipe to be incorporated with other foods. Then, Singapore was next to take on the trend and introduced the croissants locally. Not only that, they took things up a notch by selling other things like salted egg chicken, salted egg squid, and the famously known salted egg fish skin. Thus, with the ongoing craze, these flavours were brought on to pizzas with the introduction of salted egg pizza. Domino’s is taking on the trend by introducing their recent Domino’s Eggstra Royale Pizza and their complementary Royale Chicken Wing. Although salted egg has been introduced for a few years, people are still not getting tired of it. There are a few reasons why.

Salted egg taste element

What makes it taste so addictive is the savoury-sweet umami element that brings the salted egg to the table and makes everyone still so attached to it. These are the same elements as the food MSG or Ajinomoto that we add to our foods to enhance flavour. It can get very addictive, especially when infused together with potato chips. What more to say the salted egg royale pizza by Domino’s. To further explain, the salted duck egg yolk provides that rich balance of creaminess, oiliness and just gives off the right texture. This is why everyone is going crazy about it.