Hints & Advice Travel Tips for Pattaya Beach Resort Holiday Vacation

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Without a doubt, Pattaya is a vacation paradise and tourist-friendly place for you to enjoy your holiday. With the booming of the tourism industry in Pattaya, you can see almost everything easily, from the seafood buffet outlets on every corner to range of international restaurants.

Nevertheless, it is also essential for you to keep your wits about you when it comes to your safety. It is a common sense that you should not merely flash your money around and always ensure valuables are kept in a safe at terminal 21 hotel.

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1. Customs & Etiquette

As a country known for its getaway for travellers around the world, Thailand has many laws of etiquette which should comply completely. Thus, you should learn how to be respectful to those you meet and avoid unnecessary fight or argument that could lead to embarrassment.

Moreover, you also should learn about the basic of their cultures to prevent any misunderstanding or cultural shock. Even though it is a place full of the most beautiful Pattaya beach resort, it is still a Buddhist country where you should learn how to be polite and respectful at all times.

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2. Money

For your info, the currency for Thailand is called Thai Baht. There are countless of ATM in the vicinity of terminal 21 hotel as well as currency exchange booths linked to the banks. So, you should not worry about having the problem exchanging the money or travellers’ checks.

Moreover, credit cards also are widely accepted in the larger stores and restaurant like BBQ seafood buffet Pattaya. So, enjoy till your heart content of the fresh, exotic seafood from the Pattaya.

3. Weather

Pattaya basically experiences two distinct seasons; they warm season and wet season. The wet season is the most popular period as they are not too hot and a perfect time to have the delectable BBQ seafood buffet Pattaya.

The hot season is often very uncomfortable as the extremely high humidity level is generally the least pleasant time to visit who those who dislike such heatwaves.

However, this season also is the best time for you to enjoying the refreshing cold drink along with the best seafood buffet, that would be a deadly combo for a perfect summer meal.

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4. Transportation

Pattaya is a tiny and compact city in Thailand. So, the options of getting around are relatively limited as the majority of the people use the shared blue buses that, widely known by locals as ‘songthaew’. These taxis are readily available at every best beach resort of Pattaya and are the cheapest transportation mode in the city.

You also can find regular taxis there, but they are generally taxis which have been recently arrived from Bangkok and are awaiting fare back to the capital. The taxi fare sometimes can be cut-throat as the driver rarely agree using the meter.

You also can opt for getting around without much hassle with the motorbike taxi, but these are not always safe as no helmet, or protective clothing is available.

If you are looking to embark on a few days trips around Pattaya beach resort, it is worthwhile hiring a car as this is the cheapest and most convenient alternative for getting around outside the city.

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