A Quick Guide of What to Look for Accommodation in Chiang Mai

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On vacation with families? Going on a business trip? Looking for the right hotels to stay in Chiang Mai can make your trip heaven or hell. If you are on abroad, you a place to sleep and relax for the journey.

Whether you are on vacation with family or business trip, having a cosy and comfortable Chiang Mai accommodation that caters for your needs can make the difference between an enjoyable and terrible trip.

However, how can you select the right hotel that provides the balance between location, comfort, facilities and cost? Would it be sufficient to check how many stars rating of the hotel has?

best hotel in chiang mai

1. Location

For the apparent reason, you want your accommodation to be centrally located. If you are on vacation, you want your hotel near night market bazaar or in an area with easy access to public transport.

Most people prefer to be in the centre of city or next to the beach – after all, having to walk more than 10 minutes back to Chiang Mai hotel for a change of cloth can be a real pain the arse!

Nevertheless, staying at a prime spot carries a price. The more centrally located the hotel to the main attractions, the higher the price will be.

2. Rooms & Amenities

Hotel Chiang Mai is much more than a place for you to shower and sleep. Whether you are on a vacation or business trip, you have to feel comfortable and relaxed during your stay at the hotel.

What amenities come with the room? For standard accommodation in Chiang Mai, you should at least expect to have essential needs such as the internet, safe box, iron, telephone, kettle and so on.

accommodation chiang mai thailand

3. Hotel Facilities

Here the list can never be ending. Coffee bars, restaurants, in-house stores? Does the hotel near night market bazaar provide entertainment like kid club or piano bar? All of these hotel facilities can be your lifesaver and at least could kill your boredom in the meantime!

Does the hotel also provide conference rooms or business centre? Does it come with fitness centre, spa and pool as well? Is there a dryer or washer available for you to use – it is much more cost-friendly than the hotel’s laundry service.

4. Check-in & Check Out

Next, you also need to make sure you know when the time for you to check-in and check-out is. You also should check whether they do provide a luggage storage service for early arrivals or late departures. Can you extend your stay for a few more hours without paying for an extra night? Well, it is no crime to ask about it.

5. Star & Recommendations

The number of stars of your hotels to stay in Chiang Mai can be a good measurement and indication of its quality. Furthermore, you also can look for the online guest reviews as well as their comments on the website. You can take an extra step by checking out with the local Tourism Bureau to see if they have had any complaints as well.

best hotel in chiang mai

In Conclusion

Hopefully, all of these tips will help you to choose the right for your trip; a comfortable room at a hotel that provides excellent service and care for its guest so you can make the most of your trip enjoyable and unforgettable.

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