Two Pros and Cons of Private Institution in Singapore

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The topic of education is everywhere in this era. Certificates are the passes to the various door of careers nowadays. Education is never out of trend while people are expecting more experiences in education. Especially in a country like Singapore, the education there is classified as world-class.

The high standard of living in Singapore indicates the need for pursuing higher education. The quality of education is differentiating people from various areas. Thus, there are many types of school such as international schools in Singapore that enhance the diversity of the population.

Many parents like to give their children the best education for growth. The option for a private institution in Singapore is one of the popular choices for quality education. Here has sorted out common pros and cons of getting private schools in Singapore.

1.      Curriculum Choices for International School in Singapore

The curriculum is as important as the academic. The curriculum is essential in developing skills for daily interaction. Careers in the future even nowadays need skills for daily tasks. Therefore, the curriculum is one of the essential packages in education nowadays.

The curriculum of private school especially the private secondary school gives an impact on a child’s development. The curriculum in a private school is based on their home country. The sports choice such as baseball is commonly seen in the best international school in Singapore.

Children may develop their passions and skills fully according to their interest in any curriculum activities.

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2.      Tension and Pressure are Less Heavy in Private Institution in Singapore

The public institution is more stressful than the private institution in Singapore. The private school emphasizes more on personal development even though the academic is important too.

The example of international school Singapore fits in this section well. The international school adopted home country education method thus the priority is in personality development but not heavy paperwork.

There are lots of educational activities in their education syllabus thus children able to have fun while taking up responsibilities. Children will enjoy learning while engaging actively in socializing with people because of less pressure.

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3.       Never Expect Any Affordable International School to be Cheap

It is not a myth but a truth. Although you consider your school is in an affordable range, it is never cheap but only less expensive than the other private school. Moreover, Singapore education is generally acknowledged as one of the most expensive education in the world. 

Affordable international school in Singapore is likely available but it heavily depends on your budgets. However, you get what you pay for. The quality of education in Singapore has a good reputation overall. Some of the private school is likely to have difficulties in applying for MOE loan. So, you possibly need to take a personal bank loan for your study in a private school.  

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4.    Certain Jobs Do Not Favour Private Institution in Singapore

Education is for a better future and the future is highly associated with careers. People generally who send their kids to private school especially the private Christian secondary school in Singapore acknowledged that the kids possibly would develop further aboard in the future.

If you are planning to work as a civil servant or any government job, private institution graduates are not given priority to government-related careers. It is very much possible for private institution graduates to work in the private sector.

However, there are still lots of options for international graduates to develop a career in Singapore.

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