The Future of Affiliate Program Malaysia for Marketers

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Customers often find themselves that nowadays there are so many cashback programs that provide benefits on top of purchasing products and service online. By just shopping online, not only it saves time and cost of going to the physical location, customers can earn much more online.

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How to Get the Best Out of Your Purchase?

Smartshopper Malaysia is one of the online rewarding platforms that provide customer cash points, rewards points and many more benefits by spending with partner merchants. It is free of charge, and the registration process is simplified until you just have to provide your own MyKad number.

Benefits of the Affiliate program

What is affiliate marketing? Customers always find this term technical, but it is just a mechanism that they get involved in everyday life that brings benefits. On social media, smartphone users often found a link attached to a post or story that brings customers to the destination site. It includes a product information page, shopping cart page or the payment page.

affiliate malaysia


Did you know? Malaysians spent an average of 6 hours on a smartphone every day, most of the time spent is on various social media platforms. The online shopping in Malaysia has been so established and made available to anyone using the smartphone.

The affiliate program allows customers to find products easier when they are performing their search. With the advanced Internet technology now, it can detect your online behaviours on what you are interested in and recommend similar products. Marketers now promote the brand in every way to earn a commission from successful sales.

Who Is the Best, Zalora Vs Lazada?

Lazada, an online shopping platform that everyone uses for convince and goods at the best price, offers its own Lazada affiliate program. Affiliate marketers can earn up to a 12% commission for each generated order. Everyone has their own social media, some even like to write blogs on specific topics. By advertising Lazada products on your own social media, blog, mobile site or app, you can earn a commission. Start your affiliate by just signing up on the website.

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Lazada marketplace existence and a plethora of products offered make it a trusted and reasonable Lazada affiliate program.

The Zalora affiliate program is also one of its own. As the most prominent online clothing retailer in Malaysia with a plethora of brands working together with them, Zalora provides a 6% commission for new customers and 4% for returning customers.

What are the benefits that the Zalora affiliate program offers? Not only it is the most prominent fashion marketplace in Malaysia, but it also provides a campaign calendar to help marketers to keep up with their promotions.

What is a cashback program?

Lazada provides up to 10% cashback for the purchase made on its app and website. Customers have various methods to earn the cashback, either by paying the order with Lazada Wallet or inserting a cashback voucher at the check-out page. Lazada cashback allows customers to redeem coupons, voucher, or use as cash to reduce the next purchase amount.

Why You Need to Know Offline Affiliate Marketing and How You Can Benefit from It.

In layman terms, offline affiliate marketing is just a brick and mortar method of performing online affiliate marketing. By providing your own referral code to your friends and family so they can purchase products with a discount or benefits.

It can be simple as putting affiliates promotional materials such as posters, flyers, QR code at your own place. Getting visual input at shops is one of the most effective methods to get exposure. Learn more here!

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