How the salted egg craze has transferred to pizza

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Food is something universal and can be enjoyed by everyone. For example, pizza originated from Italy because of their preference for doughy foods and their love for cheese. Pizza is one of the dishes that has gone international and is a favourite food worldwide. The recent trend in Malaysia is the Domino’s Salted Egg Pizza which is a new flavour introduced and becoming a new love of Malaysians.

Domino’s Salted Egg Pizza

The relationship between food and culture

In Asian culture, there are many types of different foods that people enjoy. It can be interesting to see how over the decade, people have innovated and even invented new types of food to be enjoyed by everyone. Food can always be a common topic to be discussed as it not only represents the ingredients in it but also the culture that brought about that type of food. Food types generally stay similar within a single region. This can be due to various factors like weather, food resources, religion and others. For example, Indian cuisines regardless or places are spicier and involved the use of more spices and herbs to enhance the taste of their dish. Chinese cuisines focus more on using good meat and seafood together with spices.

Salted Egg pizza

Origin of salted egg recipes

For the longest time, the salted egg has been a food that is familiar to the Chinese. Back in the days, the Chinese have preserved duck eggs in salted water, making it known as the salted egg. They would often have it with rice or congee. This was due to the poor economy in China back then. Today, they have found an innovative way to infuse salted eggs with other things that become our favourite food. If you are familiar with salted egg chicken wing or salted egg cheese stick, you are not alone.

Salted egg royale pizza

This all started back in 2014 in Hong Kong when Urban Bakery infused salted egg sauce into a French Pastry, resulting in Molten Egg Yolk croissants. It started off as an experiment and trial to the market, but people loved it instantly. It was a major hit, and many looked into the recipe to be incorporated with other foods. Then, Singapore was next to take on the trend and introduced the croissants locally. Not only that, they took things up a notch by selling other things like salted egg chicken, salted egg squid, and the famously known salted egg fish skin. Thus, with the ongoing craze, these flavours were brought on to pizzas with the introduction of salted egg pizza. Domino’s is taking on the trend by introducing their recent Domino’s Eggstra Royale Pizza and their complementary Royale Chicken Wing. Although salted egg has been introduced for a few years, people are still not getting tired of it. There are a few reasons why.

Salted egg taste element

What makes it taste so addictive is the savoury-sweet umami element that brings the salted egg to the table and makes everyone still so attached to it. These are the same elements as the food MSG or Ajinomoto that we add to our foods to enhance flavour. It can get very addictive, especially when infused together with potato chips. What more to say the salted egg royale pizza by Domino’s. To further explain, the salted duck egg yolk provides that rich balance of creaminess, oiliness and just gives off the right texture. This is why everyone is going crazy about it.

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