The 4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Wedding Venue Malaysia

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While pretty much every aspect of a wedding is optional, from wearing a fancy suit to ditching the flowers to forgoing the wedding cake, there is one thing that should not skip – the wedding venue!

After all, it is a hub for your family and friends to gather and celebrate for your big day!

Obviously, finding the perfect event space in Petaling Jaya for a wedding isn’t easy.

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There are a plethora of options to choose from, whether you are looking for an elegant ballroom, a stunning garden wedding in KL and many more.

Well, for some couples-to-be, choosing the perfect venue is easy as they already selected a favourite place even before they got engaged.

On the other hand, the available options could be quite overwhelming.

Here is a guide on what you should consider when choosing the wedding venue for your special day beforehand.

1. Number of Guests

First and foremost, you will need to identify the number of guests that will be coming to your wedding.

You don’t wish to see your fellow guests cramped in a tiny space that might cause discomfort and ruin the wedding mood.

Thus, you will need to select a wedding hall that fit the right size for your guests.

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If it’s too large, the atmosphere will be dull and makes it seems like a significant number of guests failed to turn up.

If the place is too small, your guest might be felt uneasiness in a cramped place.

So, it would be best for you to come up with a rough figure of expected wedding guest before booking the venue.

2. Location

It is vital for you to review the location for your venue keenly as you don’t want to let your wedding to look full of flaws.

If your wedding ceremony and reception to be held at two different places, ensure that they are close to each other to prevent thing get complicated and hectic.

You need to think about the accessibility of your venue.

If there is a large number of your guests are coming from far, choosing a large venue like Hotel Glenmarie or somewhere near an airport or is easily accessible by road.

3. Budget

When it comes to choosing the venue, think over your budget carefully.

Before that, ask yourself: “Can I actually afford this venue for the wedding?”

Don’t try to break your bank for trying to include the grand venue like Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie in your list as it will only lead to heartbreak and waste of time.

4. Date

Next, if you are having a specific date for your wedding in your mind, then it could take some time searching for the venues that could accommodate you on that date.

Therefore, you need to look for the venue that served an online calendar where you could check for availability on your preferred date.

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If you are someone who is flexible with dates, this would be much easier and quicker in finding the venue.

If you have a dream venue such as the luxury hotel in Shah Alam but it isn’t available on your date, you might consider to rescheduling the wedding for off-peak time.

This will be less competition for the venues as well as prices will be much cheaper.

Moreover, you might also consider a midweek wedding as some guests might not be able to attend the wedding.




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