Reasons Why Fiberglass Is Better than Other Materials

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Ever know the advantages of using fiberglass?

Fiberglass will never rust in which it is sealed and resistance towards the element. One of the conveniences is that it can be easily repaired in the field and uses graffiti to wipe it off the scars. In fact, many households and office furniture are made from fiberglass to extend the longevity of the product from deteriorating.

There are (5) five aspect of fiberglass benefits:

Longevity & Stronger

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is proven to be stronger than sheet metal from the comparison of pound for pound. FRP is greater in having high resistance towards corrosion as it will not rust.

This criterion is suitable to use near the ocean, with high salt content in the air. Besides, the fire-retardant resin can enhance FRP Tank Malaysia fire resistance when standing up against the fire as it will not burn up but only char. In addition, FRP also can be used around corrosive chemicals without losing its sustainability and capabilities.

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Freedom in Design

FRP provides the benefits to creative as there are few restrictions in moulding fiberglass, giving the opportunity for an unlimited possibility of designs and ideas. This enables engineers to think out of the box from old boxy looking products and creates a new design which is visually appealing toward the market.

Despite those various structures and design created, the fiberglass feature of strong and durable does not show its weakness. In addition, fiberglass can use many multi-piece parts to convert it in whole to convey the ability to attach and detach the structure.


Fiberglass reinforces plastic it’s an aesthetics quality with the potential with a wrap up and encloses design. These give an ability of FRP to achieve any look and appearances as a finish of fiberglass components with the drastically high-tech point of view.

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Cost Effectiveness

In China, steel prices usually fluctuate dependent on the occasional graph to prices steel components, thus the dependence on this may affect the instability in costing for an organization to handle operations.

However, the prices of FRP will have continuous stability in terms of the market economy which brings competitiveness advantages. On top of that, this cost stability will help to lower the cost of maintenance and warranty workforce.

In additions, FRP is way lighter and stronger compared to other materials. In this case, the product results enable to avoid incremental fees in regards to overweight in delivering and shipping store.

Special Characteristics

FRP has two unique characteristics which are non-conductive and radio frequency transparent in the aspect of providing perfect housing electronics without fluctuating performances and protect employees from hazards.

However, fiberglass also absorbs sound waves rather than bouncing off sound waves which reflectively giving good acoustics and lowing machinery volumes. This enables to achieve in accepting the required sound levels unlike other components in such; metal, plastic, wood; fiberglass also consists of the least expansion rate and contraction rate with heat, cold and tensions.

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