Guo Da Li Malaysia – The Differences of Chinese and Western Wedding

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As the old saying goes: marriage is the most important matter in every women ‘s life.

Thus, so goes the same with the wedding ceremony.

However, different countries have different wedding ceremonies because of the culture difference.

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On the other hand, the western wedding ceremony is terrific and romantic.

While the Chinese wedding ceremony is unique and traditional with the classic Chinese Qun Kwa in Malaysia.

In a simple comparison, the western wedding is much more simple compared to Chinese wedding that is complex with the strict rules and customs.

For whatever reason it is, regardless of Chinese style or western style, you should marry the one you love best and enjoy the beautiful married life.

Chinese Wedding Ceremony

Again, Chinese wedding is different from the West on the wedding.

You even could see at the fashion itself, where Qun Kwa in Malaysia for rent is focusing on the more traditional design of wedding dress in Malaysia.

Indeed, Chinese marriage nowadays is formed, thanks to the cast expanse and long history of Chinese marriage custom and ceremony like Guo Da Li.

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There are numerous practices that are followed In different places, although they all generally adhere to similar guidelines.

In a traditional wedding, the main colours are red.

This is because the colours of red are the representative of the traditional Chinese festivity colours.

This is why it is common for the bride to wear a Chinese wedding dress in red during the wedding days.

In the meeting party, the bridegroom would meet a series of difficulties intentionally set in his path.

Only after coping with these, then he could pass to see his wife-to-be.

On the arrival of the bride at the wedding place, there would be music and firecrackers. Check out Liang Yuan to find out more information about Chinese wedding customs

The entire wedding is presided by the master of ceremonies.

In his command, the bride would be led along the red carpet in a festive atmosphere.

The Modern Changes of Chinese Wedding

The western is much simpler without any specific taboo and customs that need to adhere.

Thus, many of the young Chinese couples decide to hold the western wedding theme, that appears to be more romantic and creative.

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Some of the young couples also prefer to hold the fusion style between the Chinese and western style for their wedding photos.

For instance, the couple first will go for Chinese wedding shop to get the Chinese wedding dress set for the Chinese wedding theme.

Then, the couple will switch to another place on the other day for the western theme wedding photo shooting.

Western Wedding Ceremony

The western wedding is much more romantic type from start to the end.

In western countries, there are some essential steps that occur within the wedding culture.

It is unlike with the Chinese wedding, where you have to go after the Chinese wedding accessories shop in Kuala Lumpur for the customs purposes.

In the western, if the men in love and want to get married to the woman, he must first come up with the proposal to the groom’s family by the bride’s side.

When proposing, the groom’s family should bestow the betrothal ring to the bride’s side.

For the dress code of western wedding is totally different from the Chinese wedding as well.

The bride is usually will be dressed in white while the groom is in a black dress so that the whole wedding was the solemn seriousness.

Meanwhile, the clothing suit you wear should be official form the bridal shop in KL.

For the female guest, it is more appropriate to put up with the cocktail formal party clothes either the long shirt with the holiday coat or the woollen sweater.

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