An Effective Way to Fight Cyber Crime in Malaysia

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Though cybercrime cases in Malaysia are not always publicized, it does not mean that it is not happening. Millions of losses are recorded every year because of these.

As a matter of fact, because of the evolution of technology and the knowledge that comes with it, more people now know how to crack into digital systems. Cracking a simple password will only take a few seconds. But this article is not to scare you.

This article is about helping businesses and individuals to safely protect their digital assets and information through penetration testing. Click here to find out more.

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What Does a Pentest Company in Malaysia Do?

A penetration testing company evaluates and analyzes your system for security flaws and weaknesses. They provide a recommendation to companies on how to improve their systems security posture assessment to prevent crackers from destroying valuable information or using that information for fraudulent acts.

In some cases, they also offer computer forensics Malaysia. This is true for top pen test companies. Since not a lot of businesses try to pen test their systems, it gets hacked and the most pen company in Malaysia goes in after the fact. They will diagnose, recreate and identify what was done to the system and prevent it from happening again.

How to find the Best Penetration Testing Service Providers

There are a lot of penetration testing service providers but not all of them are equal. Some specialize in forensic services Malaysia while others may just focus on penetration testing alone. The top pen test companies, however, do not only offer penetration testing but may also offer training for PCI DSS companies Malaysia, these are companies that deal with credit card payments online. They will also offer digital forensic Malaysia among others. They will have a wide range of services that will help prevent cybercrime cases in Malaysia.

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Getting Cyber Security Training Malaysia

Businesses that deal with sensitive information online, need to get training for IT security in Malaysia. This will help them get to know how to protect their clients’ information as well as sensitive company files from crackers. The IT department needs to consider getting a Cask training course Malaysia or a Cox certification training in Malaysia. These certifications are valuable for system analysts and IT heads. Cox certification training Malaysia and Cask training course Malaysia are often offered by a penetration testing company that is duly accredited and certified by the international IT community.

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What to Do When you Get Cracked

If you fail to do a pen test on your system and a cracker exploited your system security flaw, the first thing that you need to do is ask professional help from a computer forensics Malaysia. Individuals who specialize in digital forensic Malaysia may help you prevent further leakage of sensitive information and can help you restore back your system. Patches may be applied and new protocols may be added. Forensic services Malaysia may also help you identify the culprit by tracking their IP or by counter-attacking their attacks and sending them a virus to track their activities and location. Computer forensics Malaysia will basically help you figure out how to strengthen your system to prevent recurrence in the future.

Penetration testing is not only limited to PCI DSS companies Malaysia who deals with credit card payments online or bank institutions. Penetration testing can also help businesses in various industries as well as freelance web and app developers.

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